Personal Injury Presettlement Cash Advance Loan

“Is your personal injury lawsuit taking too long to settle?”

If you’re like most people in a personal injury lawsuit, your case is taking a lot longer than expected to settle. What you expected to be “several months” has turned into “over a year”. And if you just started your lawsuit, the truth is that the average personal injury case takes about two years to settle!

What to do? A Personal Injury Settlement Advance may be your best bet.

The truth is the justice system is designed to operate the way it does–slowly. Think about it. The longer it takes for cases to go through, the more pressure us “little guys” have to accept whatever embarrasingly small offer the insurance companies throw our way. To them, we’re an expense they’d rather not have.

Our Personal Injury Settlement Advances have given hundreds of people the opportunity to persue their personal injury case to the degree they deserve. If you are out of work due to a personal injury lawsuit, you most likely need some financial support to help you along, right? Without this support, you may be forced to take a settlement that is less than what you deserve. Do you think the insurance companies don’t know this? This is how they make their money!

A Personal Injury Cash Advance Isn’t a Normal Loan

Getting a cash advance for your personal injury lawsuit is not like getting a normal loan. When somebody gets a conventional loan, they go to the bank and CREATE debt. The bank normally only has to have 1/10th of the money they loan. The same thing is done with credit cards–new debt is created with money that didn’t exist before.

This is NOT the case with a personal injury lawsuit cash advance. When you get your cash advance, you will not have created debt in the conventional sense. You will have gotten an advance on money that is coming to you anyway. So, your cash advance is paid back only when you win your case and recieve your settlement. That’s right–this is a pre-settlement loan, so there are no monthly payments, and if for some reason you lose your case, you won’t have to pay a thing.

So, remember, for personal injury pre-settlement loans there are:

  • No credit checks.
  • No up-front fees.
  • No payments until your case settles.
  • If you don’t win, you don’t pay!

Cases we will fund:

How does the process work?

The funding process for a Personal Injury Settlement Advance is quick and easy:

  1. We’ll do a quick, 3-minute application with you over the phone.
  2. We’ll send a “document request” to your lawyer and get some documents necessary for evaluating your personal injury case.
  3. We’ll send your personal injury case for review in underwriting.
  4. We’ll get you approved and either wire transfer your cash advance or Fed Ex you a check!

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